About us

We are a Danish sister duo with a shared passion for fine art prints, interiors, and aesthetics. The creative force behind In & Between is Copenhagen-based graphic designer and artist Helle Koeie, a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Everything in and between is done by Mette Koeie from her Wiltshire UK base.

All our prints celebrate nature, colour, and form. Our signature style is a perfect blend of colour, tone, and atmosphere set in simple, yet distinctive graphics. It is Scandinavian at its core but also draws from Japanese design influences.

We go all out to create graphics with harmonious and sensory expression and every art print is designed to stand alone. Yet we often work in series and find that magic happens in the mix.

It is In & Between’s aim to grace the world with beautiful and contemporary art prints that touch your senses and that you want to keep forever.